The aim of the department of radiology is to provide high quality service in imaging modalities at every step of patient’s journey through our department. We ensure that, appropriate clinical information is communicated between the referring physician and the radiologist. We ensure proper maintenance of radiographic equipments and safe administration of drugs including contrast agents and sedation.


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Why A to Z for Radiology

Our versatile team of radiologists provide wide-ranging inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and efficient services for patients with different health conditions. Our radiologists provide prompt interpretations and perform life-saving interventional procedures. Our technologists are dedicated to providing patients with a comfortable, safe and professional imaging exam using the latest imaging technology. Our radiologists have complimentary specialist interests and would be able to offer second opinions and further imaging for complex and unusual cases.

Radiology Services

  • Ultra sonogram which is cost effective initial investigation which does not produce any radiation dose.
  • Abdomen, breast, thyroid, musculoskeletal system, women’s imaging are done with PHILIPS ultrasound scanner with 3D/4D scan.
  • Doppler studies of carotid and vertebral arteries, portal venous system, upper and lower limb arteries and veins.
  • Maternal and foetal Doppler studies to identify potential problems.
  • Whole body x ray imaging with 500 MA MEDITRONICS machine and CR FUJI FILMS XLII.
  • Fluoroscopy guided barium studies and urological studies.
  • Dual slice CT of whole abdomen, KUM, musculoskeletal system, neurological imaging, High resolution CT of thorax, temporal bone with SISMENS machine.
  • Image guided interventional procedures like fluid aspiration and biopsies.
  • Imaging for trauma cases in the department round the clock.
  • Tele radiology reporting with 24/7 expert advice.

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