CT Scan | X-ray | Echo

CT Scan

CT or CAT is short for computed axial tomography. A CT scan uses x-rays to produce detailed images of the inside of your body. The CT scanner captures images from different angles of the body and combines them to generate a 3-dimensional image.

We have a 16 slice CT scanner that produces high-quality images with the lowest possible radiation exposure on your patient during the exam. The scanner serves well for routine scanning procedures with its fast-processing speed and easy to use features.

X-ray | Echo

We have X-ray with high frequency low radiation digital radiography.


X-ray imaging produces pictures of the inside of your body. These pictures show various body parts in different shades of black and white. It happens because different tissues absorb different levels of radiation. Since bones have calcium and they absorb X-rays the most, bones appear white in an x-ray image. Soft tissues, such as fat, absorb less X-rays, so they look grey. Lungs appear black because the air in lungs absorbs the least X-rays. X-rays are commonly used for detecting fractures, pneumonia, and cancer.