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Offering minimally invasive surgical procedures for both simple and complex conditions of the abdomen and pelvic area, the laparoscopic services offered at A to Z Hospitals are both diagnostic and therapeutic.


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A to Z Hospitals’ skilled surgeons are experts in the field of minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery. Offering both traditional laparoscopic procedures and robotic-assisted procedures, our surgeons have been at the forefront in adopting new technologies to provide comfortable, painless and accurate diagnosis and treatment. In addition to palliative care, A to Z Hospitals’ doctors take a multidisciplinary approach to determine the cause of the conditions and identify methods to prevent future complications.

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Surgical options offered through laparoscopy are meant for removing an inflamed appendix, removing the gallbladder to treat gallstones, crohn’s disease or diverticulitis, Hernia repair, stomach ulcers, Gastrectomy, Oncological surgery, Ectopic pregnancy, removing fibroids and hysterectomy. A to Z Hospitals help manage pain and restore function in the most uncomplicated way possible. Offering Laparoscopic, minimally invasive procedures, our experts ensure patient’s recovery and improved quality of life with the least invasive, most appropriate, and most advanced treatment available.

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