Advanced Technology

Intensive Care Unit

Critical care is medical care for people who have life-threatening injuries and illnesses. It usually takes place in an intensive care unit (ICU). A team of specially-trained health care providers gives you 24-hour care


Our eight bed state-of-the-art dialysis unit provides standard hemodialysis care to inpatients with acute kidney injury or end stage renal disease. This unit is staffed by a team of highly experienced nurses, patient care technicians, social workers and renal dieticians.

CT Scan | X-ray | Echo

CT or CAT is short for computed axial tomography. A CT scan uses x-rays to produce detailed images of the inside of your body. The CT scanner captures images from different angles of the body and combines them to generate a 3-dimensional image.

We have X-ray with high frequency low radiation digital radiography.

USG Scan | Treadmill

A to Z Hospitals offers ultrasound services. We use only the top-quality ultrasound equipment that produce clear quality images. We have ultrasound machines with 3D and 4D imaging and whole-body doppler. 3D scans display still images of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans display moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension